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GTM #214 - Results

Guess That Mug! - December 23, 2003 - Results

Joe Pantoliano
Worth: 3

The results are in...45 people took the poll and 3 of you got it right, and 42 were wrong.

Here are the results:

eddax -- Joe Pantoliano
mommydearest -- Joe Pantoliano from the Handler
wembley_fraggle -- Joe Pantoliano

batmoon -- jack nicholson
shardofnarsil -- Jack Nicholson
blucrukitty -- Jack Nicholson
cheezum -- anthony hopkins
classyclvr -- jack nickolson with a hairy chest
cpickle -- FREAKIN jack nicholson
crayzlikeafox -- john malkovich
cutiepiex -- jack nicholsen [sp is wrong sorry]
dahliablue -- Jack Nicholson
dirty_mirror -- burt reynolds
dkappr -- jack nicholson damn those eyebrows
dougiedoug -- jack nicholson
dovey4 -- jack nicholson
fiebabe_titania -- Jack Nicholson
gabriel1980 -- Ray Liotta
glitterypink -- John Lithgow
godscorn -- jack nicholson
gunshotbeauty -- jack nicholson
illusionofpain -- Jack Nicholson
i_need_thin -- jack nicholson
ladyclaire -- Jack Nicholson
la_monday -- jack nicholson
liquidcat -- jack nicholson
lolamoz -- Jack Nicholson
luckymee -- Jack Nicolson
lulu_dalatina -- Jack Nickleson
makethegrade -- jack nicholson
mejane_83 -- Jack Nickelson
melonious -- jack nicholson
merlyntemple -- A younger Jack Nicholson
mizcrank -- john lithgow
moxiegirl -- donny osmond not right
nikkish -- jack nicholson
numbthemadness -- Jack Black
ordinary -- jack nickelson
paintasmilex -- jack nicholson
skyeflower -- jack nicholson
bellapalmera -- chris farley
summerscsa -- Christian Slater
tabzzz -- jack nicholson
thatspecial -- Jack Nicholson
tygerlily1019 -- harry hamlin

There's the results of Guess That Mug! #214. Oy, that proved to be as difficult as I thought it would be. Congratulations to the three of you who got it. Anyways, I needed a difficult one to make up for this next one being so freaking easy. Hope all of you have a great Christmas/Chanuka/whatever you celebrate. Be safe, tell our families you love them, and hug as many people as you can. That's what I'll be doing, anyways. Much love.

Stay tuned for another round of Guess That Mug! coming your way shortly!
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