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GTM #215 - Results

Guess That Mug! - December 24, 2003 - Results

Tim Allen
Worth: 1

The results are in...218 people took the poll and 218 of you got it right, and 0 were wrong.

Here are the results:

ablaze -- Tim Allen
abraxas365 -- Tim Allen
adollapart -- Tim Allen
air_mirz -- Tim Allen as Santa Clause
ajhst55 -- Tim Allen as Santa Claus
aliminx -- tim allen santa clause
allumeuse -- tim allen
alocin -- Tim Allen
alwaysgigglin -- tim allen santa claus
angel69 -- Tim Allen in the Santa Clause
angelpez -- Tim Allen
anneball -- tim allen
apathyelite -- Tim Allen
aries_angel -- Tim Allen
ashbdash -- Tim Allen Santa
aske -- Uhh Santa Clause I suppose
audfreak04 -- Tim Allen as The Santa Clause
a_brunette -- Tim Allen
babymaxx -- tim allen
batmoon -- tim allen as santy claus
belle_fleurs -- Tim Allen
bethordead -- tim allen
shardofnarsil -- Tim Allen
blucrukitty -- the santa clause tim allen
blueapplechair -- Tim Allen
bluelotus -- Tim Allen
blues -- Tim Allen as SANTA CLAUS Merry Christmas to youu
bluexstar -- tim allen
blurring -- Santa Claus
sellyoursoul -- Tim Allen
boicrazyrican -- Tim Allen
brfairy -- Tim Allen
bythestars -- Tim Allen
calico321 -- Tim Allen as zee Santa Clause
canadanne -- Father Christmas hehehe
carrie3078 -- tim allen
ccnuggie -- tim allen
chicky824 -- Tim Allen
chief_squisher -- Tim Allen aka Santa freaking Claus LOL
christowang -- Tim Allen
chyldone -- Tim Allen
citrusdeath -- Tim Allen
classyclvr -- ol saint nick Tim Allen
solookup -- Tim Allen
coconutcaat -- santa clause probably played by tim allen
cowgirl_16 -- Tim Allen
cpickle -- tim allen
crayzlikeafox -- tim allen
cuomoisatraitor -- Tim Allen
cutiepiex -- santa clause tim allen well i know santa
dahliablue -- Tim Allen
damaged_angel -- Tim Allen as Santa
daredevgrl -- Santa Claus aka Tim Allen
darkspin -- tim allen
dashwood95 -- tim allen
dhd1 -- Tim Allen The Santa Clause
deepnsorrow -- Tim Allen
dirty_mirror -- tim allen
dkappr -- Hahaha Tim Allen
dougiedoug -- tim allen
dorwrath -- Santa Claus
downwithmuffins -- Tim Allen
eddax -- Tim Allen
edes_lil_jess -- Tim Allen
elsmoka -- Tim Allen
emo_fishness -- Tim allen
energykenji -- Tim Allen The Santa Clause
erniiee -- Tim Allen
fairy -- Tim Allen as Santa Clause
fanbelt -- tim allen
feste -- Tim Allen
fiebabe_titania -- Santa Claus
fiendish -- Tim Allen
fiery_phoenix -- santa
forgetmenotx -- tim allen
gabriel1980 -- Tim Allen
galaxyrangerin -- Tim Allen
ghetto_booty -- Tim Allen
gliterybuterfly -- Tim Allen as Santa
glitterypink -- Tim Allen
godscorn -- Tim Allen as St Nick
goldenhoney -- santa claus aka tim allen lol
grlinterupted -- tim allen
gullible -- tim allen
gunshotbeauty -- tim allen
heathavoid -- Tim Allen
holly_woodgirl -- tim allen
hored -- Tim Allen as Santa Claus
ikea -- tim allen
illusionofpain -- Tim Allen as Santa Claus
incidenti -- tim allen sandy claws santa
jackola -- Tim Allen
janecat2 -- Kris Kringle
jasmynflower -- tim allen dick his real last name is dick
jujubeee -- tim allen as santa claus
kaskadersha -- Tim Allen
makeuplovegloss -- Santa Claus aka Tim Allen
katiekangaroo -- Tim Allen
kindembrace -- SANTA CLAUSE
kittyness4u -- Tim Allen
ladyclaire -- Tim Allen
lainy -- tim allen
laurendelo -- tim allen
la_monday -- Tim Allen
lesbianic -- Tim Allen
lilcolly -- Tim Allen
lilmamaj7 -- Tim Allen
liltuffy -- Tim Allen in the Santa Clause
littlelyds -- Tim Allen
little_star19 -- Tim Allen
lolamoz -- tim allen
loreamara -- Tim Allen as Santa Claus
lostwithinlife -- Santa Claus Tim Allen
loveandmayhem -- Tim Allen
lulu_dalatina -- Tim Allen
maggiemac -- Tim Allen as The Santa Clause
makethegrade -- tim allen
manda_1985 -- santa lol
masquerading -- tim allen
mattykinz -- Tim Allen AS Santa Claus lookie both
rosie314 -- Santa Claus as played by Tim Allen
melonious -- tim allen
merlyntemple -- Tim Allen
metalkpretty -- Tim Allen
miss_postalot -- tim allen as santa claus
miss_tish -- Tim Allen as Santa Claus
mizcrank -- Tim Allen
mommydearest -- Tim Allen
moxiegirl -- tim allen
msmcfeeley -- Tim Allen in The Santa Clause
nadien -- Tim Allan The Santa Clause
neobartleby -- Tim Allen as the Claus
nico -- Tim Allen
nikkish -- santa clause
nikkiwawa79 -- Tim Allen The Santa Clause
numbthemadness -- Tim Allen
oblivious_frog -- Tim Allen
unearthingbone -- LOL Tim Allen Santa Clause
oliravi -- santa claus
oneirus -- tim allen santa claus
onpause -- Tim Allen
oopsadaizy -- Tim Allen
ooyoumasha -- Tim Allen the Santa Clause
ordinary -- Tim Allen
phafek -- Tim Allen
pikuangel -- Santa Claus
poeticfrenzy -- Tim Allen
poprockgrrl -- tim allen as santa claus
pratasalgueiro -- Tim Allen
princesspetunia -- Tim Allen
punkrawkprincez -- tim allen santa
raindancer_x -- tim allen
rainedonpunk -- Tim Allen
redhotjelybelly -- Christopher Cringle D
ruethee -- tim allen ummm errr SANTA CLAUSE
runfromtears -- Tim Allen
ruya -- Tim Allen
sadisticzephyr -- Tim Allen as Santa
sad_pandas -- Tim Allen as Santa
samsgoldfinch -- tim allen father christmas santa claus old st nick
shadowmyst -- Tim Allen
shiggity -- tim allen
shimmernshine2 -- Tim Allen
silentdreamer23 -- time allen
sili -- SANTA CLAUS I dunno the actor s name though
silverecho -- tim allen santa claus
sinecure -- Tim Allen
bellapalmera -- tim allen the santa clause there i put both
sneetches -- Tim Allen
solkana -- Tim Allen
sootsie -- Tm Allen
southofsanity -- Tim Allen
spideyfreak -- Tim Allen
squink -- Father Christmas Old Saint Nick Santa Claus
stalk_her -- tim allen
earthsdaughter -- Tim Allen
stumbleine9 -- tim allen as santa claus
supergrrlie -- Tim Allen as Santa Claus e
sweetjuliet22 -- Tim Allen
tabbi_cakes -- Santa
tabzzz -- tim allen
tame_the_cunt -- Tim Allen
tcklemepnkfloyd -- santa claus man i hope this is right
texassungirl -- Tim Allen
thatspecial -- Tim Allen
thebigcheesegod -- Jolly old Saint Nick
thejeanieness -- Tim Allen
thetainaproject -- tim allen you know who
theworryrock -- tim allen
tmpk007 -- Tim Allen as Santa Claus
tragic_kingdom -- Tim Allen
tygerlily1019 -- tim allen the santa claus e
tygerlily324 -- Tim Allen
undefinedstar -- tim allen
unusualtaste -- Tim Allen
valpussycat -- Santa Claus Tim Allen
venufan -- Tim Allen as Santa Clause
veritaserum -- Tim Allen as SANTA CLAUS
vial -- tim allen
vwhippiegirl -- Tim Allen
wembley_fraggle -- tim allen
wholovesjude -- tim allen
wonka_vision -- tim allen
xdorkunit -- Tim Allen as Santa Claus
xenedra -- Tim Allen
xmondaychildx -- i know i am too late just joined its tim allen
_killsher -- Tim Allen
yellowpez -- Tim Allen Santa Woo I win
you_makeme_sick -- tim allen
zoo_keeper -- Tim Allen Santa Claus
zvezda -- Tim Allen
_absentminded_ -- tim allen
_comeundone -- tim allen
_epilogue -- Tim Allen
coeur_de_noir -- Tim Allen
__girlnextdoor -- tim allen
__skyline -- Tim Allen as Santa Claus
___gwenn -- tim allen

There's the results of Guess That Mug! #215. Yeah yeah, I know. I haven't been around.. at all. Holidays, spring semester scramble, putting in a lot of hours at work, and getting things in order so I can move to Orlando this summer all add up to a crazy personal life (which, and this may be hard for some of you to accept, does come first over everything). I am back now, though. As you can see, I gave all of you credit a correct guess, mainly because I was gone so long I figured I owed you guys something. It had nothing to do with being too lazy to sort through all the guesses.. no.. no. Definitely not... no.

Stay tuned for another round of Guess That Mug! coming your way shortly!
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