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GTM #216 - Results

Guess That Mug! - January 12, 2004 - Results

Brett Favre
Worth: 1

The results are in...48 people took the poll and 35 of you got it right, and 13 were wrong.

Here are the results:

ajhst55 -- Brett Favre
blucrukitty -- Brett Favre
bluexstar -- brett farve
carrie3078 -- brett favre
chickenlicken -- brett favre
coconutcaat -- brett favre
definitelyme -- brett favre
dougiedoug -- brett favre
forgetmenotx -- brett favre
hored -- Brett Favre
kadi -- Brett Favre
kittyness4u -- Brett Favre
littlelyds -- Brett Farve
lorahbora -- brett favre
rosie314 -- brett favre
melonious -- brett favre
miss_tish -- Brett Favre
mizcrank -- brett favre looks like a football guy
mommydearest -- Brett Farve
ozonebaby -- Brett Favre
poprockgrrl -- brett favre
runfromtears -- Brett Favre my babys daddy
sad_pandas -- Bret Faaaaaarve
sirengrrri -- Brett Farve
sneetches -- Bret Farve the no go superbowler
squeakywheel -- Brett Favre
summerscsa -- Brett Favre
supergrrlie -- BRETT FAVRE ouch go pack
sweetjuliet22 -- Brett Farve
tcklemepnkfloyd -- brett favre
texassungirl -- Brett Farve
thebigcheesegod -- Brett Favre
theworryrock -- brett favre
twentyfive -- Brett Favre
_epilogue -- Brett Favre

batmoon -- henry rollins
shardofnarsil -- John Rocker
solookup -- Dale Earnhardt Jr
holly_woodgirl -- Sean William Scott
jujubeee -- umm ben stiller
kels21 -- Nick Lachey
ladydisdain -- John Henson
ordinary -- Henry Rollins
retrodee -- Sean Austin
ruethee -- sean astin
samsgoldfinch -- russell crowe
sinecure -- Marc Blucas
tabzzz -- dale earnhart jr

There's the results of Guess That Mug! #216. Take the sack, Brett! Noooooooooo. God, it must be rough being a Pack fan right about now. Go for it on fourth, but nooooooooo. Sorry about no game yesterday; there were some issues with LJ not letting me log in correctly (so I couldn't get the answers).. I didn't make an announcement because I was too busy here at work. Anywho, I'll post two games today for you guys.

Stay tuned for another round of Guess That Mug! coming your way shortly!
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