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GTM #217 - Results

Guess That Mug! - January 13, 2004 - Results

Emma Thompson
Worth: 3

The results are in...48 people took the poll and 22 of you got it right, and 26 were wrong.

Here are the results:

awccmfan -- Emma Thompson
batmoon -- emma thompson
sellyoursoul -- Emma Thompson
carrie3078 -- emma thompson
corbeau -- Emma Thompson
dahliablue -- Emma Thompson
dashwood95 -- emma thompson
dougiedoug -- emma thompson
eddax -- Emma Thompson
kadi -- Emma Thompson
littlelyds -- Emma Thompson
lorahbora -- emma thompson
margotdarko -- Emma Thompson
metalkpretty -- Emma Thompson
miss_tish -- Emma Thompson
nikkish -- emma thompson
nikkiwawa79 -- Emma Thompson
onpause -- Emma Thompson
runfromtears -- Emma Thompson
crisangwich -- emma thompson
sirengrrri -- Ummmm Emma Thompson
coeur_de_noir -- Emma Thompson Maybe

ashbdash -- young faye dunnaway
blucrukitty -- Barbara Streisand
calico321 -- Robin Wright Penn
classyclvr -- jewel
clearmidnight -- Meryl Streep
easterkat -- Robin Wright Penn
fairy -- Frederique
gabriel1980 -- kristin scott thomas
kindembrace -- tori amos
lulu_dalatina -- Natascha McElhone
merlyntemple -- Barbara Streisand I know I m wrong
mizcrank -- kate hudson
msmcfeeley -- Robin Wright Penn
nico -- fiona apple
oliravi -- Meryl Streep
oopsadaizy -- Robin Wright Penn
ordinary -- Cameron Diaz
samaire -- Jayne Seymour
silverecho -- Natasha McElhone
solkana -- Jane Seymour
supergrrlie -- jane seymour
tame_the_cunt -- Sheryl Crow
thatspecial -- Barbra Streisand
thebigcheesegod -- Lucy Liu
xdorkunit -- Cate Blanchett
ziles -- Lucy Lui

There's the results of Guess That Mug! #217. You know, I never realized this, but Emma Thompson was pretty freaking hot when she was younger :O

Stay tuned for another round of Guess That Mug! coming your way shortly!
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