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guessthatmug's Journal

Guess That Mug!
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Community Owner: mancer
Community Admins: mancer, anonymooz
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Guess That Mug! (GTM) is a simple game that you can play everyday. The admin will post a scrambled picture of somebody (most likely, but not limited to, celebrities) and below the picture will be a poll. You enter into the poll who you think the picture is of. It's that simple! Monday through Friday a new picture will be posted, once the new picture is posted voting on the previous game is over. The Ranking System will have everybody's stats, including the ever important Top 10. The Forum is a great place to chat with other GTM players as well as post your own games!


1) Your first guess is your final guess!
2) Do not guess multiple names. Guessing two or more names will automatically be marked wrong, even if one of the names you guessed is the correct answer.
3) You must give the name of the person in the picture. Giving the name of a movie they were in, the name of a character they played, or the name of the band they are in will not count as a correct answer.
4) Do not post guesses/hints in the comments. You will be banned for one full set if you do so.
5) Have fun!


I just joined the community and it says I need posting access! Can you give it to me?
You don't need posting access. Only the admin of the community makes posts. To play the game you put your guess into the poll and submit it that way.

Can you make a list of all the previous quizzes you've done?
Sure. Go to the ranking system and click on Quiz Stats.

I submitted my answer and it's not on the results list!
Multiple users have said they have guessed and their guess isn't in the results. This is a bug in the livejournal poll system. Sometimes you'll submit an answer and it won't go through. If you think that has happened or you want to submit your answer to me to be safe, feel free. You can email your answer by clicking here. Be sure to include your livejournal name and the GTM # you're guessing for.

What happened to the results??
The results are posted every morning. Except on the weekends. Therefore the game posted Friday will have its results posted Monday morning.

How do I become a GTM Champion?
To become a GTM Champion you must have the highest score at the end of a 'set' of games. A 'set' consists of 20 GTM games and after 20 games the scores are 'reset' and all users have a chance to become champion. The reward for being a GTM champion is getting a 'Champion' page on the Ranking System, and a 'GTM champion' banner to add to your livejournal and/or webpage.

What happens if I tie somebody for the championship?
In the event of a tie for the championship, the winner will be decided based on who performed better in the set. For example, if player1 had more 3-pointers correct than player2 then player1 would win. If they had the same amount of 3-pointers correct, then the correct number of 2-pointers would be tallied, and so on.


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